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Celebrities who use Facelift Tape for a Younger Look

Celebrities who use Facelift Tapes to look younger

Hollywood celebrities are known for going under the knife for a quick nip or tuck to help with aging or to change their appearance. While surgery can give you tighter skin or modify your appearance, it is not without risks - be it the job going bad or side effects. This has prompted many celebrities to look for no-pain alternatives to surgery that gives the same effect temporarily. 

One such alternative is the use of facelift tapes. A sharper jawline, higher cheekbones, foxy eyes or even skin that is more taut can be easily achieved using them. Given how effortless they are to use, there are many celebrities embracing facelift tapes and also being vocal about it. 

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga Facelift Tapes

Lady Gaga is a self confessed lover of facelift tapes. She used the tapes on most days to pull the skin around her cheekbones and to change the shape of her face. She claims that her daily ritual of applying face tapes is almost meditative for her, helping her look younger and more glamorous. 

Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen Facelift Tapes

Chrissy Teigen, who looks alluring with her super arched brows and her gorgeous cheeks is an ardent fan of facelift tapes. The supermodel and cookbook author quips that the tapes accentuate her full cheeks which gives a beautiful dimension to her face. She is known to use facelift tapes for her red carpet appearances to up the glam quotient of her overall look. 

Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell Facelift Tapes

The supermodel has a firm anti-surgery stance and as a result hasn’t gone under the knife like her contemporaries. Instead, she prefers the pre-surgery era hack of Hollywood - facelift tapes, which she uses without fail for her photoshoots. Not only do the tapes give her a smouldering look, they also help her take years off her face. 

The fact that facelift tapes are a well-loved beauty secret that many Hollywood stars vouch for is proof enough that they work! With facelift tapes, you have the flexibility of enhancing your looks whenever you need instead of the painful alternative of surgery. Surgery can go horribly wrong but with facelift tapes, you are assured of a transformation that is completely under your control! 

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