Five Hollywood Beauties Known for the Use of Facelift Tapes

Five Hollywood Beauties Known for the Use of Facelift Tapes

Did you know that use of Facelift Tapes is one of the best kept secrets of classic Hollywood beauties? And why not, when the tapes let you sculpt your look in a jiffy, without the need to go under the knife! Imagine the possibilities when you are able to change the way you look and up your glam quotient every single time you step out, without having to undergo any pain. The tapes don’t just help you make your skin taut to take years off your face and neck but they can also be used to enhance your features to give you an instant facelift. Today, we take a look at five Hollywood beauties who have made no bones about their love for Facelift Tapes in their makeup regimen for the wonders it does to their look. 

Sophia Lauren 


An epitome of glamour, Sophia Lauren has been hailed as one of the most beautiful women in the world. She has inspired scores of women to age gracefully and swept the world off its feet with every public appearance of hers. She’s one of the few actors who hasn’t succumbed to going under the knife but still manages to make an impression even at the age of 86! To achieve her super cat eyes, Sophia Lauren is known to use Facelift Tapes that can snatch the skin around her eyes and modify their shape. 

Lucille Ball


Lucille Ball is a self-confessed user of Facelift Tapes, which she opted for since she was opposed to plastic surgery. The American actress used the tapes to lift the sagginess in her skin during the filming of Mame and Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour. Her arched eyebrows added to the lift that the Facelift Tapes provided and they were very effective together in making a great difference to her look. 

Marlene Dietrich

In the 1940’s, when surgical facelifts were just about getting started, Marlene Dietrich created her own facelift using surgical tape to pull back her skin and hairpins to pull her hair back tight to alter the shape of her face and get a more youthful look. 

This helped her pull back all the sagging skin and made her look decades younger than her actual self. This was also the secret of her enviable cheekbones to just die for! 

Marilyn Monroe 

If there is a Hollywood diva who has stood the test of times, it is Marilyn Monroe, with her sexy pout and glowing skin. The sensuality that she exuded has enamoured generations of men and she continues to be one of the most recognised Hollywood beauties of all times. The trick to her wide-eyed look was the use of white pencil on the corners of the eyes and highlighting her eyes with a winged liner. While she did not naturally have sculpted cheekbones or feline eyes, she achieved them with the use of tapes. If you’re looking for her characteristic arched eyebrows and high cheekbones, then Facelift tapes are the way to go! 

Liza Minelli 

After starting off her career very young, Liza Minelli was one of the most iconic beauties of the sixties. This Academy Award winning actress and singer was a trendsetter in that she embraced the pixie cut way ahead of its having a moment. With the use of Facelift Tapes, the 74 year old manages to wipe off years from her skin and continues to dazzle us with her chic appearances. Be it to enhance her well defined eyebrows or to tighten her jawline, the Facelift Tapes did work magic on her and help her project a more youthful appearance even today. 

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