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How to Get Bella Hadid's Look with Instant Facelift Tapes

How to Get Bella Hadid's Look with Instant Facelift Tapes

When we say Bella Hadid, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Her unwavering foxy eyes that just seem to bore through deep into the camera, right?

There are women world over who have even gone under the knife to get the snatched look that has been made so popular by Hadid. But trust us, you don’t need surgery for it. Instant Lift Tapes and some clever makeup together can temporarily give you the raised forehead, arched eyebrows and the feline gaze which make heads turn. 

To understand how to get Bella Hadid’s look with Instant Lift Tapes, first, let us break down the different aspects of her face and see how we can replicate each of them. 

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This one is easy. Your brows and forehead need to be lifted to the extent that the outer corner of the brows appear to end in a straight line. If it's not your natural  brow shape, then start by combing it back to lift the browline. Combed and full brows are currently having a moment and it will be a great idea to fill them up to frame the shape you are creating. 

As a next step, go on to apply Instant Lift Tapes on the temples, just above the line where your eyebrows end. If pulled up correctly, you should have eyebrows that end in a straight line and also lift up the corner of your eyes in the process. 


Where do we start and where do we end about Bella Hadid’s eyes? An obsession with millennials and makeup lovers alike, Hadid’s cat eyes look fully opened up and ready to devour. No wonder we can't get enough of her eyes.

Once you’ve replicated Bella Hadid’s look with Instant Lift Tapes on the forehead, the eyes are automatically pulled up. Accentuate them further by using a neutral eyeshadow that is drawn up from the outer corner of the eyes to the end of the eyebrows to create the illusion of elongated eyes. Apply some shimmer on the inner corner of the eyes to open them up and finish with a winged liner to get the perfect almond shaped eyes. 


High cheekbones complete the holy trinity of the perfect modern beauty that Bella Hadid is an epitome of. That said, it is fairly effortless to emulate this by using Instant Lift Tapes on the cheeks and playing it up with some sharp contouring. Apply the tapes on the cheeks, just above your ears so that your cheeks get pulled up and the skin around your cheekbones are taut. This gives you the high cheekbones. Emphasize the lift with a contour stick and some bronzer along the cheekbones and you’re all set! 

Jawline and Neck

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There are some like Bella Hadid who are born with a killer jawline but if not, then you can enhance yours to make it more prominent. Start by using an Instant Lift jawline tape behind your ears to pull back the skin around your jaws. This creates the impression of a tighter jawline. 

Similarly, use the Instant Lift neckline tapes for a swan-like elegant shape for your neck. Next, sweep down a bronzer a couple of shades darker than your skin, along your jawline. Repeat the same with the sides of your neck and blend. Ta-da! You will now have a jaw line that can cut through a photograph. 

Last but not the least, don’t forget to complete your look with lip makeup. If you want fuller lips, then line outside your lip line with a darker liner and blend in a lighter gloss on the insides to get luscious lips à la Hadid. 

While this is one of Bella’s go-to looks, there have been times when she has underplayed her makeup for a more natural look. If you wish to do the same, then FX Eyes Instant Lift Tapes will come to your rescue even in the absence of heavy makeup. So what are you waiting for? Go and grab your lifts right away and get people swooning at your newest makeover...

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