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How to get Cat Eyes - The season’s hottest eye makeup trend

How to nail the Cat Eye trend with FX Eyes

We’ve seen eye makeup trends come and go but cat eye makeup is something that has been around for a while and has made a comeback as one of the season’s hottest eye makeup trends. Exuding power and charm, this sensuous style is an infallible way to make your eyes bigger and bolder. 

But what exactly is the cat eyes trend, you may ask? It is nothing but the signature flick to your liner to create wings that make your eyes more lifted, wider and add just the right touch of flirtatious charm. Getting the cat eye flick takes some practice, but once you master it, it takes your eye makeup to a whole new level! 


The history behind the Cat Eye trend 


The winged-liner style, in fact, can be spotted as the secret behind Cleopatra’s almond eyes. She is said to have used Kohl liner with minerals such as copper ore and malachite to form thick lines etched from the eye upwards to the hairline that lengthened out parallel to her brow. 

Borrowing from Cleopatra, cat eyes became the Hollywood trend du jour in the 40s and have been in vogue ever since. From Brigitte Bardot to Sophia Loren, Marilyn Monroe to Amy Winehouse and Madonna to Zendaya, everyone has adapted the cat eye with a touch of their personal style to make a statement. 

Cat Eyes in 2022 

While the cat eye trend is all about the right flick with the liner to lift one’s eyes, this year, it has seen an upgrade with some fabulous experiments. Cat eyes with smokey makeup is a marriage made in heaven but what has made a splash on the runway is cat eyes with neon green and pink highlights that add a pop of color to the eyes. We think Cat eyes with jewelled ends are sultry and just what you need to turn up the heat at the next party! 

Hopping onto the Cat Eye bandwagon 

Whether you are just starting out or are a makeup pro, here are some tips to get killer cat eyes 

  1. Always line your eyes with eyes open 
  2. As a first step, stay as close to the lash line as possible 
  3. Start from the center of the eyes and go all the way out, drawing an upturned flick as the outline of the wing.
  4. Now define the eyes from the inner corner to the centre
  5. Fill the wing and build on the liner to make the cat eye prominent 
  6. Dab a little concealer around the lines once you've got them right. This will bring out your lines, giving you the right amount of oomph.

Getting the cat eye right will take a couple of attempts and smudges. Keep a q-tip and some makeup remover handy to fix smudges. After a couple of times, start playing with colors and highlights to add a whole new dimension to your cat eye look. 

Own the Cat Eye - Wing it with FX EYES 

Once you see the difference that the cat eyes make to your overall look, there is absolutely no going back from it. You can in fact take the look to the next level with FX EYES Facelift Tapes.  

Before applying your liner, use FX EYES Facelift tapes on your temples to lift your eyebrows. This creates natural almond-shaped eyes that can be accentuated with cat-eye makeup. 

After doing your eye makeup, finish the look with the dreamy FX EYES Foxy lashes that will make hearts flutter every time you blink! 

Cat eyes have evolved over the years and the flick differs from person to person depending on who is wearing it. A thick heavy-handed flick or a more subtle one, you can pick what you like and be assured that it will make a statement. 

We sure believe that the beauty is in the eyes, so be it elongated, darker, subtle or sharp, wear your cat eye with confidence and be sure to sweep through a crowd making heads turn.