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How to Use Facelift Tapes for an Instant Makeover

How to Use Facelift Tapes for an Instant Makeover

“Always dress like it is the best day of your life.”

You don’t need an excuse to dress up and show up. Makeup not only gives you confidence but also makes you feel downright powerful at times. Don’t you love it when the mirror you’re staring at says,”Girl you look snatched today!” So while you’ve tried the smoky eyes and blown out blush, here’s a way to magically transform your look in one quick trick. You read that right! All that it takes is applying facelift tapes and a tug to pull back your forehead and cheekbones for that sultry contoured look.   

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What are Facelift Tapes?

Facelift Tapes are a powerful makeup tool and one of the best kept secrets in Hollywood. They can be applied on different parts of your face to help you pull back your skin and dramatically change the way you look. 

What do Facelift Tapes do?

Facelift Tapes lift up your skin by pulling it back. This is done with the help of elastic threads that are attached to the tape. Tie them behind your head so that the tapes tug at your skin and just like that, you have leveled up your look. 

Why use Facelift Tapes?

With the growing popularity of doe-eyed beauties like Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner sporting the snatched look, there are women going under the knife to get the same look. Facelift Tapes help you achieve foxy eyes, high cheekbones or the much sought after #browsonfleek with a temporary and a cost-effective solution. 

So be it for that video call with a special someone, your girls’ night out or simply taking that selfie for your Instagram, you can use the Facelift Tapes before your makeup to accentuate your forehead, eyes or cheeks in an instant. 

How can you use Facelift Tapes to transform your look? 

When you don’t have an hour to follow every makeup tutorial there is to get foxy eyes or contour your cheeks to the T, you can get inventive and use the Facelift Tapes. 

Apply them on your temples and tie them back to lift up your forehead, be it for smouldering eyes or for them perfectly arched eyebrows. Follow it up with a winged eyeliner and you inch closer to a Bella Hadid-inspired style. 

Another way of using the Instant Lift tapes is to apply them above the ears to pull back your cheeks. With the right kind of contouring after that, you can easily recreate the high cheekbone aesthetic and up your glamour quotient. 

Together, the Facelift Tapes on the temples and near the cheeks, coupled with the right kind of smoky eyes can give you a gaze that is intense AF and make people do a double take. 

Wanna tone it down? Then use them tapes but with just a hint of eyeliner on your top lash, some mascara and glitter on your skin and you’ve transformed yourself into an almond-eyed goddess in no time! 

What are the advantages of using Facelift Tapes? 

  • One of the biggest advantages of Facelift Tapes is that they are super affordable when compared to the surgeries that some women end up undergoing in order to alter their look. So you can have an envy-inducing Insta feed without breaking the bank. Double win! 
  • Being a temporary fix, Facelift Tapes help you experiment with various looks that are in vogue right now. But as with most trends, you never know when they will give way to new ones. So you don’t want to make a permanent change to the way you look, do you? Why not flirt with the tapes instead and have fun? 
  • They are easy to apply and remove - just takes a few minutes. Without going through any elaborate procedure, you can dramatically change your look. 
  • It is a mechanical procedure of tugging at your skin so it doesn’t have any harmful chemicals or side effects. 
  • They last long, upto 8-10 hours if the weather is great. Being super-low maintenance and not needing any touch-ups means you can keep the party going all night! 

Now who doesn’t want to go from good to glam in an instant? Pick up a pair of Facelift Tapes and add a new dimension to your look NOW!