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How to Use our Instant Lift Tape

Facelift Tapes are one of Hollywood's best kept makeup secrets - they snatch and lift your skin to sculpt your features so that you can pull off new and stunning looks day after day. This means that you don't have to go under the knife for eyebrows like Kendall Jenner's. Those high and mighty cheekbones that Bella Hadid sports could be in your next Insta selfie. 
The science behind Instant Lift Tapes is simple - by tugging at the right places of your face, these tapes modify your features for a more photogenic and glamorous appearance. 
How do you get it? Here's a quick look. 



Feline eyes are now just a tug away with the FX Eyes Instant Lift Face Kit.


By pulling your neck in tight and defining your jawline, the Jawline + Neck kit helps you take years off your face!

How to use FX Eyes Facelift Tapes


  • The elastics for the tapes go into your hair. So before application, tie your hair into a half bun. 
  • After applying the lift, proceed to apply makeup as usual. Use your primer and foundation over the tapes. 
  • After applying tapes and makeup, pull down your bun to conceal the elastics and style your hair as usual. We recommend that you have a few strands of hair around your face or a slightly messy hairdo to avoid any obvious sighting of the tape or the elastic.
  • For the same reason,always pick elastic that is closest to your hair colour. For the neckline and jawline lifts that remain on the skin,we recommend using a string close to your skin colour. 
  • Use a fresh tape each time you want an instant lift. Simply thread the elastic strings into two refill tapes and you have a fresh pair of lifts. 
  • If applied correctly, the lift should not irritate your skin. Discontinue its use temporarily if sensitivity occurs. The lifts can be used for 10-12 hours with optimal results.
  • To remove the lift, simply unfasten the loop from the back or just take off the tapes. Clean your skin normally.
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