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FDA approved tape with European CE certification that lasts long and is completely invisible. --

For the face, choose the elastic closest to your hair colour. For the jawline and neck, choose an elastic that is closest to your skin tone.

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Evenly distributed natural finish lashes with a round shape
Gives you dramatic insta-worthy eyes
Ideal for an evening out
Length 15mm-16mm
Vegan, cruelty-free
Premium quality - can be used for 30+ applications
All the lashes work well with FX Eyes Instant Facelift Tapes

Evenly distributed and classy, Naomi will highlight and bring out the natural shape of your eyes with a dramatic effect. These statement lashes are a must have for an evening out when you want to express your bold and nonchalant self. For a more prominent cat-eye effect, try our FX Eyes Instant Facelift Tapes along with the lashes.

1、feather-soft and flexible band;
2、Obvious 3D effect is 98% similar to real mink hair;
3、With Advanced Technology Fibers Resemble Natural Hair in their Morphological Structure, Appearance, and Properties ;
4、The price is cheaper than mink eyelash, but the effect is as good as mink eyelash;
5、It's very fluffy, natural, and Suitable for gatherings and daily wear;